What is the secret of happiness?

People often wonder what is the secret of happiness, but few are those who find it. However, the secret of happiness is there, and i think it's time for you to find it.

Have you ever met grumpy people? I've met a lot of them, but now i will tell you a story about a saleswoman that i've met. When I was home, i was at the shop around the corner where i always meet the same sellers. For a while we began to know each other, but one saleswoman was always grumpy. It did not matter, day, hour, if you hit on it at the store, you knew already what attitude she will have. Not just her behavior and tone betrayed her attitude. Even her face was saying something about her.

For a long time she annoyed me. I used to enter the store with a grumpy face too.

I realize today that she did not know the secret of happiness or how to use it. In most cases, the angry and the frustrations are coming from lack of satisfactions. This is te first common problem that makes us to feel bad about ourselves and to embrace a bad behavior. Dissatisfaction snatch peace and makes one become sullen. Why bring all of this? How will look a dissatisfied human being? Sad. It looks like a sad man. Eyes will always leave, will be overshadowed his face and body will reveal a grumpy attitude.

You understand now what is the secret of happiness?

Contentment, is a treasure. A person who can be satisfied is more likely to be happy. A person who knows how to be content with all. Peace brings peace.
Love, is another treasure. Love brings contentment and love is the first start on the happiness road.

But now you understand the secret of happiness?

Write it down somewhere to have it ready when you feel grumpy.
Contentment, peace, love.

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