All that matters in the world is LOVE

Surely everyone, at some point, wondered what happiness is ... Yet we all know that the concept of "happiness" means all we feel, but nobody can formulate a definition despite the fact that we know when we are unhappy. There is no recipe for happiness. It differs from person to person. Some are happy because they a good financial condition, others - because they have friends, they love and are loved... and the list can go on.

Happiness exists in every little thing that makes us smile, that enjoy us. Happiness is everything that makes us happy; I do not know exactly what is happiness for me, but i definitely have a reason to smile, to be optimistic, to be happy and always cheerful for a simple reason: life is beautiful. Happiness may be an idea, a background, a concept, a feeling or a simple word that brings us a smile on the face.

The happyness is an intense mood that a person can feel in his heart when life consistis in many accomplishments and spiritual or physical achievements...or material things, it depends from a person to other.

The happiness is never a final station, where you will be happy no matter how you live. You can have it only if you are goind stand by her every day.

There so many different people, and all they have is nothing. Nothing to be proud of, nothing to aspire, nothing to choose. You need to be original on this. You need to stay true about yourself. You have nothing too. But nothing to loose.

Can we associate the love with happiness? Yes. As long as the lover not confuse the love with a possession, which ultimately bring the most terrible sufferings. For, against the common opinion of so many people, not love makes you suffer, but the instinct of property that is against the love . Some people say that happiness is a rare flower . And so it is. But not because it would be unique in the world , but that depends on each of us knows how and what to pick. The most expensive flowers are not those that are bought from the store, but those for who you had have to bend over to pick them.

The many concepts about happiness tell us to always get what we want. And suppose someone manages to get what hardly tried. Are you happy now? Perhaps. But it can be and not be. And where is happiness?

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