How to stay motivated and prepared for life


Any person who, in his life, wants to raise the le limits, can not be content to think or meditate. The result of your action will never being assured as you like, learn to develop your Energy Chance to optimize your actions. Do not not to ignore the energy that is equivalent to "direct ship" in a storm without engine and rudderless.


Hundreds of thousands of people in the world practice various techniques of meditation and contemplation. Here is what the great Ramakrishna said: "There are two different kind of men can come down here to knowledge the Self: the first are those whose minds remain clear of any education, and is not influenced by the thoughts of others. The second are those who studied sciences and religions and carried out at the end of their studies"


The family must provide a robust space, truth to children and make them feel that they are accepted as they are. The family must help them to get into the adult world; in this way, you know they will love you more. Everyone in the world has its place and does not need to oust the other. The other helps you transform yourself positively.

Live happily in community demanding much love, tolerance but also luck.


The best way to feel supported by the love is to be regarded as an internal vital energy, not as a feeling or emotion. Love is the victim of prejudice. Love is no sacrifice, no renunciation  and no passion. Love is fulfillment. To love and accept is the key of the biggest secret of life. Giving and receiving power of love is the only way to be full of confidence and strength.


Fear is a natural and spontaneous emotion. By putting a lid on it, it will remain for ever there. At one time or another, it will spring spontaneously very strong. The solution? Do not try to dominate and do not be afraid! By accepting it, it becomes easy to control.

If there is an emotion that makes you forget your fears and jumping with joy and happiness, her name.


Money is a structural phenomenon of "modern" societies. Deny its importance is hypocritical, establishing it as "totem" generates avarice, greed, cowardice, and because many personal and social problems. Sound decision-distance relationship with money is needed in order not to let its lack or its profusion determine our relationship to ourselves and our relation to others.

A healthy distance towards money can get thanks to the beneficial action of Energy Chance.

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