All that matters in the world is LOVE

Surely everyone, at some point, wondered what happiness is ... Yet we all know that the concept of "happiness" means all we feel, but nobody can formulate a definition despite the fact that we know when we are unhappy. There is no recipe for happiness. It differs from person to person. Some are happy because they a good financial condition, others - because they have friends, they love and are loved... and the list can go on.

Happiness exists in every little thing that makes us smile, that enjoy us. Happiness is everything that makes us happy; I do not know exactly what is happiness for me, but i definitely have a reason to smile, to be optimistic, to be happy and always cheerful for a simple reason: life is beautiful. Happiness may be an idea, a background, a concept, a feeling or a simple word that brings us a smile on the face.

The happyness is an intense mood that a person can feel in his heart when life consistis in many accomplishments and spiritual or physical achievements...or material things, it depends from a person to other.

The happiness is never a final station, where you will be happy no matter how you live. You can have it only if you are goind stand by her every day.

There so many different people, and all they have is nothing. Nothing to be proud of, nothing to aspire, nothing to choose. You need to be original on this. You need to stay true about yourself. You have nothing too. But nothing to loose.

Can we associate the love with happiness? Yes. As long as the lover not confuse the love with a possession, which ultimately bring the most terrible sufferings. For, against the common opinion of so many people, not love makes you suffer, but the instinct of property that is against the love . Some people say that happiness is a rare flower . And so it is. But not because it would be unique in the world , but that depends on each of us knows how and what to pick. The most expensive flowers are not those that are bought from the store, but those for who you had have to bend over to pick them.

The many concepts about happiness tell us to always get what we want. And suppose someone manages to get what hardly tried. Are you happy now? Perhaps. But it can be and not be. And where is happiness?

Why you should to bo grateful

We know that everyone of us has our own daily struggle in life. So instead of complaining about what we are going through, why not try to focus on the good things that we have. Spreading the negative vibes will only stress us and the people around us.

The best thing that we should do is to look at all the blessings that we have. Look things the positive way. Be grateful of all the blessings that we have no matter how small or big it is.  I know it is easier to say it than to do it but we all know that we really can as long as we are positive about it.

For example, why do we need to complain about our low salary? Let's try to be grateful because we have a job that gives us income to support our family. It may not be enough to pay all our bills but compare to other people who really don't have source of income then we can say that we are indeed lucky. Now, what we can do is to try to lessen our expenses. Do not expend beyond your means.
Another one, we are always late because of the traffic. Then, why blame the traffic? Try to wake up early and go to work early then that will save you from being late. Because other people can do it then you can also do it. That will also save you from all the stress and hassle of finding the rides especially if you are using the public transportation.

Lastly, why complain about the electric bill, the water bill and all the  bills that we have that increases almost monthly. Why not be grateful that you have the luxury to enjoy those services we are paying. Just think for a while for those people who still dont have an electiricity or a good source of water for their daily needs.

Let's be positive in dealing with everything in life. Remember what Joel Osteen said, " Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you're going to live you life."

Loosing the sadness and choosing the joy

We all have fears, worries that often is very difficult to break free. It is very important to realize that there is always something that supports us and makes us feel safe. You need to be confident and stay oppened for the world, to God, the Universe ...
Confidence will bring us peace and joy and it will make us realize that happiness depends strictly on our thinking. Positive thinking brings us closer to happiness because it attracts good things.

If you choose to live tormented by dark thoughts, fears and frustrations you will not know to enjoy happiness.

Motivation is very important. If you go through difficult times or you are at an impasse, do not forget to give you the help you need. You can start by making a list of positive affirmations. You can put this list in a place where you can always see. It will help you overcome that difficult time.

I had stuck on the bathroom mirror many post-it notes that i can view every day. Not all people, however, are able to understand this approach ... Do not feel discouraged!
Someday someone who visited me told me: "You are sick? Why are you reading all that motivational books?"

If you try to give you aid alone does not make you sick. It means that you realize that you can help yourself.

Love yourself! It is important to love.

Trust yourself! If you think you're a special person, make a list of all abilities, skills and talents you have. You'll notice that you know more things than you imagined. You are a unique person.

Learn to be happy! Being happy does not mean to ignore the hardships of life, but to stand up and realize that when you feel good about yourself, you trust yourself and everything becomes more simple.