Loosing the sadness and choosing the joy

We all have fears, worries that often is very difficult to break free. It is very important to realize that there is always something that supports us and makes us feel safe. You need to be confident and stay oppened for the world, to God, the Universe ...
Confidence will bring us peace and joy and it will make us realize that happiness depends strictly on our thinking. Positive thinking brings us closer to happiness because it attracts good things.

If you choose to live tormented by dark thoughts, fears and frustrations you will not know to enjoy happiness.

Motivation is very important. If you go through difficult times or you are at an impasse, do not forget to give you the help you need. You can start by making a list of positive affirmations. You can put this list in a place where you can always see. It will help you overcome that difficult time.

I had stuck on the bathroom mirror many post-it notes that i can view every day. Not all people, however, are able to understand this approach ... Do not feel discouraged!
Someday someone who visited me told me: "You are sick? Why are you reading all that motivational books?"

If you try to give you aid alone does not make you sick. It means that you realize that you can help yourself.

Love yourself! It is important to love.

Trust yourself! If you think you're a special person, make a list of all abilities, skills and talents you have. You'll notice that you know more things than you imagined. You are a unique person.

Learn to be happy! Being happy does not mean to ignore the hardships of life, but to stand up and realize that when you feel good about yourself, you trust yourself and everything becomes more simple.

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